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Whether you are seeking legal help for child custody, visitation or child support, looking for the right law firm to represent you can be stressful. With over 10 years of experience serving Baltimore, MD and the surrounding area, Custody Matters, LLC can help make this decision easier. Custody Matters, LLC prides itself on its client-centered approach. With weeknight hours and payment plans available, we go out of our way to make sure you are provided with the highest level of care on terms that work for you.

Why Choose Custody Matters, LLC?

Experience, Education, Guidance

In any custody dispute, you want to have a lawyer by your side. As a private firm in Baltimore, MD, Custody Matters, LLC Bryon W. Szojchet Esq. and his staff have the knowledge and capabilities to competently and vigorously represent you with personal attention, excellent service and competitive rates. We always look forward to representing you in negotiations, mediation and litigation.

Providing Help, Building Relationships

A client-centered approach for peace of mind

Litigation requires knowledge, experience and manpower. The team at Custody Matters, LLC brings to your litigation not only the years of knowledge and experience needed but also the manpower to provide full litigation support for your case. The stronger your posture in litigation, the stronger your posture in negotiations. Being fully prepared for litigation provides the freedom you need to negotiate from a position of strength. If negotiations fail, then you and your legal team will be fully prepared for litigation.

At Custody Matters, LLC we are always ready to answer your questions and help you with your child custody law challenges. Call our Baltimore, MD, office today.


Shatika S. - 4/14/15

I went to Bryon because I was being taken to court by my child's father in reference to custody. Bryon was very attentive...

Samuel A. - 3/13/15

Bryon cares about the children involved, makes the payment flexible and affordable so that you can have the critical...

Folajimi F. - 3/9/15

I highly recommend Attorney Bryon Szojchet. His personalized service makes it clear that he is very committed and...


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