The non-custodial parent will seek to have visitation with the child. Visitation is sometimes referred to as “parenting time”. Visitation should be sufficient time with the child to let a strong and enduring bond be forged.

Consideration should be overnight time with the child, dinner visits with the child, time to have leisure activity with the child, time to do the child’s homework with them, and special occasions such as Holidays and birthdays. The non-custodial parent will ask the court for regular weekly time with the child, as well as, time on Holidays, school vacations, and summer breaks as well as vacation time at least once a year.

Often, parents will also ask for telephone access with the child on those days when the child is not visiting. Many factors will be taken into consideration such as the distance between the non-custodial parent’s home and the child’s home, the non-custodial parent’s availability due to their work schedule.