Bryon was a great help with our 3rd party custody case of my nephew. He always took my calls and answered all of questions and concerns and kept me up to date on everything. He is very reasonable and flexible, and allowed us to make payments instead of a large retainer upfront, which was a huge help for us. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome for our case and will definitely use him again in the future if necessary! Thanks so much!

Michelle Schreifer


Bryon guided me every step of the way from the very beginning while handling my child support/custody/visitation case. Bryon provides honest feedback and a great professional opinion. He listened to my needs and concerns and was always available to answer questions. and provide direction when needed. He is very professional and genuinely cares about the outcome of your case. He put me at ease from the very beginning. I truly appreciate Bryon's ability to work with me financially. He works really hard for you, the clients needs are always put first. He is an advocate for children and making sure their needs are met and that they are properly provided for. I would highly recommend Bryon to anyone.

Mariann E.


Mr. Szojchet represented me in a lengthy and difficult divorce/custody case. His careful attention to the details of my case and his quick action resulted in a very positive outcome for both me and my son. I would, without a second thought, retain Mr. Szojchet again in the future and give him a 5-star recommendation.

B. Jones


Bryon, is a great attorney! He is honest and always puts the customer first! Even though I had a very contentious situation Bryon understood my concerns and always took the time to hear me out and propose thoughtful solutions. He was on time to every court proceeding, and really encouraged positive dialogue and wanted to see the child win. I would recommend Bryon because he always gets results. I may not have gotten everything I wanted but I came out of it better than when I went into it. I love if fixed flat fee and felt it was worth it.



I went to Bryon after searching for some time online for lawyers with great reviews and history of custody matters. After speaking to a few about my case I chose Bryon. I'm grateful about that decision. He made it clear about what could happen even if I didn't like it, but assured me he would do everything in his power to achieve the result I wanted. He cares about the children involved in his case's and it was very apparent. My case was involved with multiple people, long running, and a bit complex. In the end Bryon achieved everything I asked for and more! He is very courteous, professional, attentive, and quick to contact you. He has a great client relationship and does his job very well. He went above and beyond to handle all my needs and time restraints. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat, he is that good. Thank you so much!



Bryon is the man!!! After going through a situation where my son's mom gave me no visitation & took me down child support, I ended up getting joint legal / physical custody, no child support and the child tax credit every other year. It can't get any better than that.

Tim W.


I went to Bryon because I was being taken to court by my child's father in reference to custody. Bryon was very attentive to my needs. He always told me the truth about the possibilities of any outcomes, scenarios, etc. not just what I wanted to hear. When I would call he would return my calls in a timely fashion. He was ready to go and fight for me in court. The end result was we ended up settling the court matter. Would I go to Bryon again, yes I would.

Shatika S.


Bryon cares about the children involved, makes the payment flexible and affordable so that you can have the critical things done on a timely manner.

Samuel A.


I Highly recommend Attorney Bryon Szojchet. His personalized service makes it clear that he is very committed and involved.I was pleased with his work and would recommend him to family and friends.

Folajimi F.


Bryon was very professional and always available to discuss my Case at Anytime. Fees were also very reasonable. My Case Involved a messy Break up which led the Mother to My Daughter to very controlling , jealous, irrational & abusive towards me. I just wanted to do what is Best for My daughter and have good co-parenting plan in raising my child however the mother was just motivated with Financial Gain and always used her as Financial Bait. Byron was aggressive in defense to what was reasonable and per child support guidelines.


Mr Szojchet is an excellent attorney. He is easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable right from the time I first met him. He took great interest in my case, always returned my calls and kept me informed. He is very knowledgeable and gave me great peace of mind knowing that I was in good hands. Thank you Mr Szojchet.


This attorney has couth. First and foremost, he calls you back. You always get a call back. His court manner is impressive. In a court room, there tends to be much emotion but Bryon is very even. He is always focused on the case at hand. Always prepared and meticulous about scheduling time to prep with you before court. Always listening. He catches everything. Cross-examination is very textbook-like. It's like you're watching the professor. It's about the case and the law and nothing else. He helps you, as a client, try to understand both sides. Which is not exactly what we want, but perhaps need. He is excellent at breaking down each issue within the case, individually and discussing the "ifs" and "possible outcomes" with you. "Think before speaking" In my particular case, he has come in as attorney #3 and 18 months into the case. It's been a nightmare and still on-going. It is a custody case involving a former step-parent versus a real parent and many, many other difficult challenges. As the court has required me to communicate with my ex; Bryon has helped pave a way of communication that is tolerable and limited with the former spouse. It's not about how often we communicate it's about the quality of the communication. My case is quite complex. And most attorneys want nothing to do with it. Most hear the synopsis over the phone; laugh hysterically; suddenly have better things to do; or a referral comes rather quickly. It's the nature of the case, the previous multiple attorneys, the judge, and opposing counsel. But Bryon isn't scared of it nor is he arrogant about it. He's a reasonable man with an incredible logic, good heart, quick wit, knowledge of the law and knowledge of how some people play this ridiculous game.


I was in a very bad situation involving long standing marriage with house and savings not in my name.. There were his children, my children, and our children to contend with. Mr. Szojchet navigated this complex situation with firmness, patience and understanding. He seemed to have an understanding of every member of the family and was able to talk to them, extracting necessary information. He persisted in his position through discussions and into the courtroom. In the end i got the whole settlement i wanted without making enemies. I still have dialogue with most of the other members of the family, but now from a position of strength. He is experienced and knowledgeable in these things and i highly recommend him.


I have known and been a client of Mr. Szojchet for the past 6 years. He is a man who really cares about his clients and their children. He is always very responsive and available. He comes highly recommended. I have referred Mr. Szojchet to friends whom also needed his services and have heard nothing but great feedback.


It is my great pleasure to write this review for Bryon. I've worked with Bryon on a number of occasions and come to rely heavily on his sound legal advice. His has been transparent, communicative and thorough in his recommendations. But what I like most in working with Bryon is that he doesn't give just legal advice, he gives life advice. Bryon always kept me on track about the issues and kept the process smooth. In conclusion, not only would I recommend his services to those I don't know, I have already personally recommended him to a number of those I do. Thank you Bryon.


He put me at ease with his great knowledge of what would happen, and what might happen, and in what order. He spent hours preparing me for the hearings both on the phone and in his office.

He was very responsive to all communications from me and / or Rebecca ( my ex-wife.)

He helped me to try to deal with my children in a positive way despite what the divorce was doing to them. His advise in this area was invaluable, particularly with my sons.

He kept me informed of the meaning of all developments.

He was very responsive and effective in dealing with the court.


I used Mr. Brian services for a divorce process.

Mr. Brian made a painful experience to a easy fast process.
In the future with any legal issue that I have i will defiantly use his services again.

And feel free to recommend to all my friends.


I hired Bryon to help me with a nightmare child support case. I make approx. $15k a year and the opposing party in my case made over $195k a year. Due to this, my child support was delayed for over two years by my ex and his counsel until I got attorney Bryon. He was very good, patient, and really cares about the client. He made my ex look like a liar that he is during trial and ultimately, Bryon got me over $39K in back child support and he got me all of the attorney fees that I paid to him. In addition, Bryon got my son over $3,400 a month in child support; prior to hiring Byron, my son was not receiving enough money to cover the monthly day care costs. Again, great attorney, did excellent during trial and was well prepared. I would definitely recommend this attorney and for those women clients, Bryon has a background in domestic violence so he really understands and advocates for women.

Felecia H.

This lawyer was recommended to me through an organization, but I had heard positive things about him beforehand as well. He is a remarkable individual, role model of integrity, trust and values. I hired him for a separation agreement and the job was endless, requiring changes after changes after changes and dragged over 6 months. Bryon was always there for me, and dealt with my case with a fresh and honest outlook, telling me the truth as it is and finally my situation came to terms just a few days ago. He always returned my phone calls and charged me a very honest. I was very happy with his professional expertise.


I hired this attorney a year ago after dealing with another attorney who handled my family custody case very poorly.this man has taken a very tough case and sorted out all of the mess that my previously hired lawyer had started, his rates are more than fair and he even was very sensitive to my financial needs as we all know how family cases are extremely exspensive he even put me on an affordable payment plan and started my case before paid in full which was extremely generous due to the scope of work being way more than we bargained for rather than charge me more and more he continued with his end of the contract with a smile and took every new challenge that presented itself and executed it with confidence he has been a mentor,teacher,counseler.and has worn many different hats to solve my family law problem I will and have already passed his name on to anyone in need of a family lawyer and whats more HE ANSWERS MY PHONE CALLS ive called him late at night and he took my call and would talk to me until my concerns have been dealt with just an awesome guy I would recommend him to anyone being a father himself he was truly sensitive to my needs thanks brian you have been wonderful


When i was going through my child custody battle with my ex, I didn't know who to turn to. After doing some research I came across the name of Attorney Bryon Szojchet. Finding him was a great blessing to my life. Putting aside the fact that his rates were more then reasonable especially for someone like me ( a strict budget), he was very comforting. He kept me in the loop on the entire process from start to finish. He always returned my calls and emails in a greatly appreciated timely fashion. He let me know I could count on him. At the end of it all I gained what I wanted out of the case plus a new friend. Bryon is not only a wonderful lawyer but a wonderful person in general. He knows what he is doing and he knows how to work with many types of people. I do not know who the other people are that wrote reviews, nor will I say horrible things about them. I will say however that they probably wrote about the wrong man. I would definitely recommend him to everyone who needs a strong attorney to fight for their needs in the family law court systems.